New Year!, Curried Meatballs, #Whole30, and #BACleanse

2016 is officially underway! Celebrations are over, but it was fun!

Last weekend, right after making my Brussels sprouts salad, I moved right into making these curried meatballs from Bon Appetit, using my brand new blender and just totally getting a kick out of it. The meatballs were super tasty, and I still have a lot saved in the freezer for future enjoyment. I defrosted some yesterday and ate it last night with roasted vegetables!

Version 2

The sauce in my version is not as smooth as the version in BA’s photo. I probably could have blended it for longer and got a creamier consistency. Also, I used a full 28-oz can of Cento crushed tomatoes, rather than 14.5. I couldn’t find a quality brand that’s only 14.5 ounces. I did only use part of the can at first, but then I figured, whatever, just throw the whole thing in.

I tried the sauce after blending (so after it had simmered 25-30 minutes) but before adding the lemon, cayenne pepper, and salt near the end. It tasted a little bitter, and I was concerned. But after I added those last three ingredients, it was magically better. I think it was the lemon. It was amazing. So last night, when I reheated previously-frozen leftovers and there was a little bit of a bitter taste again (that’s the best way I can describe it), I put some fresh lemon juice on there, and voila. Better.

Oh, also, I used dried ancho chile instead of chile de arbol (which I couldn’t find), which might have contributed to that slightly bitter flavor – it’s deeper and more smoky.

My recipe made 22 meatballs, which I think will be about 10 servings for me. I’m about halfway through them, now. It’s true that some of the meatballs have broken apart in the sauce, but I wasn’t that careful in trying to avoid that when stirring, packaging, thawing, serving, etc.

So on to my next two topics. I will continue to eat my remaining five servings of this dish (with relish) over the next week or so despite the fact that (as I recalled last night when eating some of it), some yogurt was used in the making of the meatballs. And yogurt is not compliant on the #Whole30 program, which I’m doing for the month of January! I decided that I think the amount is small enough per serving that I’m okay with it.

I began eating somewhat Whole30-compliantly last June (at least, compared to my previous diet), but I’ve never followed it completely. The holidays were fairly lax (remember those pumpkin lattes I mentioned in my last post?), so I’m using January to reset and really follow the whole program.

It’s funny. I didn’t realize that my diet had become generally paleo until the past few months (because I wasn’t that familiar with what a paleo diet was), even though that was generally the way I was mostly eating. (Luckily, since realizing this, I’ve discovered that there is a whole blogosphere out there [and Instagram, and podcasts, and all the other stuff] supportive of Whole30 and paleo eating. Reading all these blogs has made me question what I’m doing with my own, but whatever. My goals are not to be a famous blogger or recipe developer, just to document.) My plan, even after the #Whole30 is over, is to keep mostly eating that way. I’ve been very pleased with the effects its had on my eating habits, my body, my athletic performance. And those things have slid backwards over the holidays, which again, I’m fine with… but now I want to get back to it. So #Whole30 reset!

Which brings me to my final topic – the #BACleanse! I’m still excited for the Bon Appetit Food Lovers Cleanse, which I mentioned in my first post. And, contrary to what I’d feared, BA is not just relying on their new Food Lovers Cleanse cookbook – they’re still doing a 2016-specific program online. Hooray!

Since not all of the recipes are #Whole30-compliant, I printed out the PDF of all the recipes and marked which ones are (or could be). Since it’s very time-consuming to follow the #BACleanse entirely, on schedule (I think I’ve only done that once – 2014 maybe?), I’m not concerned that I won’t be able to make every meal. Tonight’s dinner will be mahi mahi. I’ll probably post for that. Below is a picture of yesterday’s shopping trip in support of #Whole30 and the #BACleanse. I think this should get me through… Wednesday. Ha.




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