Virginia Wine Country

The weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Dan and I went out of town to Virginia with some friends. They already live in Virginia, but it was still out of town for them too. We met up on Saturday morning at Jewell Hollow Overlook on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah and hiked north on the AT to Mary’s Rock. After paying $20 to enter the park, which was annoying because we had an annual pass that somehow we lost in Glacier and then didn’t get to use in the Grand Canyon and now didn’t get to use again. I was told it can’t be replaced. Ugh. I mean, I support my national parks, so paying more money, fine. But still, annoying.

Jewell Hollow to Marys Rock

We had some nice sun in Baltimore in the morning as we headed out for the drive, then entered dense fog in DC through Virginia, and finally it was very overcast and windy in Shenandoah. Pretty chilly, but still a nice hike. There and back, maybe 6-7 miles.

After the hike, we headed to the Inn on Poplar Hill in Orange, VA, about 30 miles north of Charlottesville. We chose it because they allowed dogs and had availability :-). It only got colder as the weekend went on (real cold, in fact), and we even got snow! The first snow I’d seen this season. But the Inn has 20+ some acres and lots of walking paths through trees, which was so nice. Clio had tons of fun.

The owner of the Inn also took us on a wine-tasting tour on Sunday to visit three different vineyards (Honah Lee, Keswick, and Barboursville) and stop for a delicious BBQ Exchange lunch. Eating-wise, I tried to maintain my #Whole30 commitment, but I’m sure I got some sugar, seed oils, and possibly even gluten in there over the weekend. Sigh. And I drank the wine. I chose to do that before even starting the Whole30. It’s too bad this trip occurred in that time, but it did, so that’s what it is. I felt kinda crappy after the meat-heavy weekend though (or rather, veggie-less) and was very glad to get back to veggies and some sweet potato :-).

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