Gunpowder Falls – Jerusalem Mill

Today, Dan and I went for a hike (more of a nature walk, really) with friends in the central area of Gunpowder State Park, from Jerusalem Mill. The weather was lovely – not as warm as the past few days (mid-70s), but I think it was high 50s or low 60s and full of sunshine. It was also great to visit with these friends. Clio got to run around just a bit and test out the water of the Little Gunpowder Falls.

Dan and I had hiked in this area once before. I think it was late Fall that time, and the area was pretty deserted. It was also at a time when the Jerusalem Mill stuff was all closed – there is a museum, a blacksmith shop, and a visitor’s center I think. It’s very charming and cute. Today, there were many more people around, and the main parking lot was full when we arrived. When Dan and I hiked here last time, we went south from Jerusalem Mill along the Little Gunpowder Trail (white on the map below). I think we probably took the yellow Horse Trail on our return. We got to see the Jericho covered bridge along the way, which was charming. Something I read this morning said that the area is currently under construction, and Dan wanted to try something new, so today we went north.


We hiked along the white-blazed Little Gunpowder Trail to and past Bel Air Road. It was mostly along the river (creek? Falls?), so not very hilly except for one main hill in the middle where the trail left the river for a bit. The trail ran very close to the water after Bel Air Rd, and it was very clear and calm. Looking at the map now, it looks like we could have made a loop by returning on the blue Quarry Trail, but we turned around somewhere in the middle and came back. We took the blue-blazed Jerusalem Mill Trail on the way back.

In all, we went about 5.3 miles in two fairly leisurely miles, according to Endomondo.

We stopped at Chaps Pit Beef on the way home. Yum. Both Dan and I had eaten Chaps at the Baltimore Farmer’s Market, but never been to the actual restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed my pit beef with a million different sauces (multiple types of BBQ sauce, tiger sauce, vinegar, horseradish, etc.), french fries, and onions and peppers, damn the industrially-produced seed oils I’m sure it was all cooked in and made with.





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