Breakfast Frittata

Sunday is shopping and cooking day! (Since joining RealPlans, Saturday has become meal planning day, deleting meals from my RealPlans plan that I don’t plan to make in the upcoming week and sometimes swapping in some recipes for others, then culling the shopping list to reflect only the things I don’t already have on hand.) Dan and I went to the Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar at the reasonable time of 7:45 am (in terms of crowds, not necessarily in terms of sleeping in if that’s important to you, as it is to Dan). It is super hot this weekend, and it was therefore still a sweaty experience, even early. I brought my RealPlans shopping list and was able to check most things off. We’d brought a cooler in the trunk to put the eggs, milk, and sausage that we bought. Then Dan and I went to a hot yoga class and I sweated some more (like, gross), and then he left to go to work, and I went to Harris Teeter for the remainder of my shopping list.

As soon as I got home, I started making this frittata for lunch and a slow-cooker BBQ pork recipe for dinner, both from RealPlans. I’ve subscribed to Paleomg recipes through RealPlans, and I’d say probably 50-75% of my recipes are Juli Bauer’s since I selected an exclusively paleo diet (which I’m only doing for this month while I’m doing the #Whole30). Which is okay, but not ideal. She’s sassy and funny, but I’d like a little more recipe-maker variety.

This frittata was actually a guest post from Inspiralized on Paleomg called Pesto Zucchini Noodle Bacon Frittata with Mushrooms and Kale. I don’t have an Inspiralizer, so I used my mandoline to make the zucchini noodles.


I followed the recipe with only a few deviations. First, I didn’t have a full cup of mushrooms left. I did, earlier in the week, but both Dan and I have used a couple here and there for other recipes. I added a small amount of onion in with the mushrooms while they were cooking, just because. And the recipe actually isn’t clear about what to do with the bacon after you’ve cooked it, so I chopped it up and put it in with the veggies after they’ve wilted a bit and before I put in the eggs. (PS, I amazingly found bacon without sugar at Whole Foods last weekend. Amazing!)


After I put it in the oven, I started the aforementioned BBQ pork in the slow cooker, then got to making the pesto. I generally like pesto, but I am really not a fan of pine nuts. When I was shopping last weekend, I could only find a bag with maybe 1-1.5 cups of pine nuts, and I only needed 3 tbsp for this recipe. And it was like $9. So I decided to make my pesto with walnuts instead, which I had on  hand at home. I didn’t measure them, I just grabbed a handful and threw them in the food processor. It was  3tbsp ish? After processing a bit, I tasted it, and some of the basil was a little… bitter. So I added the juice from about half a lemon and a little more olive oil. And voila. Really yummy.

I thought the flavor of the pesto would be a little strange with the frittata, but it all went together really, really well. I had a piece for lunch.


And then I sat a bit. Did a little blog reading. Glanced over. (Did some mental calorie calculations, let’s be honest.) And had another piece. One of the others is now in the fridge for breakfast this week and the other three are individually packaged in the freezer for later this week (or beyond – I actually have a couple servings of a breakfast casserole from last week or the week before that I forgot were in the freezer that I’m going to eat first…).

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