The Nearest Outdoors

I’ve been feeling a little stifled by the urbanness of my environment lately, so I’ve been trying to get outside as much as possible. Our backpacking adventure in Virginia a few weeks ago was great, but isn’t getting me through. So I took the opportunity a few weekends in a row to go to Patapsco State Park, which includes several different areas across central Maryland. I most frequently go to the Orange Grove and Avalon areas, because they are the closest, but I’ve been to several of the other areas and they are also nice.

I did the same quick trail on both of these two weekends, once just with my dog and the second time with Dan and the dog. The trail is called Buzzard Rocks, which I got to from the Orange Grove area parking area and by crossing the swinging bridge over the Patapsco River. It starts out very steeply but then evens out and is fairly flat. The leaves were lovely. Afterward, on the first weekend, Clio took a dip in the water.

Weekend 1:


Weekend 2:


Patapsco is also great for picnics and mountain biking. Last summer, I planned a surprise picnic for Dan to celebrate the end of his residency, and I tried to do it in one of the many Patapsco pavilions. I quickly learned that the largest pavilions start getting rented out in January (or before) for summer weekends, so we weren’t able to do it there. (We ended up doing it in a county park.) There were many smaller picnic pavilions available, but either they were to small or they didn’t allow alcohol (some do, some don’t).

Before the picnic, I surprised Dan with a mountain biking adventure in the McKeldin area, which was a ton of fun. Until Dan got a flat tire and we had to bushwhack our way to a road so that I could uber back to the start and then come back to pick him and the bikes up. Anyway, I’d like to do more mountain biking there. We’re talking about giving each other mountain bikes for Christmas. We’ll see. MTB Project is a great resource for finding mountain bike routes.

Anyway. A decent place to get outdoors.



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