Fed & Fit Turmeric Latte

Things you should know. 1) I like food challenges. I don’t want to live my life in a constant food challenge, but I still like them. So… 2017 may be my year of challenges. I sort of did Emily Schromm’s Superhero Challenge in January, but that didn’t go so well, what with Canada vacation and all that. (I did the 7-day Reset after Thanksgiving that was great, though.) And 2) I started the 28-day Fed & Fit Project on Monday, February 6. (To be clear, Cassy Joy doesn’t consider this a challenge but rather a project to figure out what works for you long-term). In any case, I’m looking forward to it, and I’ll probably post about it. Last Friday, I shopped for the first week of meals  and did some meal prep, making the tomato and sausage frittata that I’ve been eating for breakfast most days this week.


But before all that, I saw a recipe on Cassy Joy’s Fed & Fit website for turmeric milk (she calls it Golden Milk). I’ve been seeing a lot of turmeric milk/latte recipes these days (including one on goop, which is the only other one that really sticks in my mind, but I’m sure I’ve seen more). I’ve made the one from the Fed & Fit blog twice now. The first time, I made it with ground ginger. I am never great at measuring spices and maybe used too much. It tasted/felt a little powdery. The second time, I made it with fresh ginger. Too much again, I think. A little ginger-chunky. But, overall, very tasty, and a nice warm-beverage alternative treat to hot chocolate or a hot toddy.


I’ll keep working on the proportions of ginger, because I’ll definitely keep making this! Assuming we have more cold weather. Yesterday and the day before, it was mid-60s and lovely. Last night it got cold and snowed this morning. It’ll be back in the 60s in two days. Whhhhaaaaat.


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