My name is Janelle. I live in Baltimore with my husband, Dan, my son, Gabriel, and our two pets, Penelope (cat) and Clio (dog). Until recently, I worked in DC. Now I am taking three months between jobs, and then will be working in Baltimore (hooray!). I started this blog to document for myself and others my various adventures related to eating and other things.

I like to cook but am not especially creative nor well-trained. Mostly, I just like to know what’s in my food and prefer eating things made from scratch rather than pre-packaged or prepared. I don’t come up with my own recipes, but I’ll let you know which ones I’m using or adapting, and how. And I like to eat. At home or out.

I also like hiking, traveling, trains, bridges, running, camping, plyometric workouts, beer, reading, yoga, November Project, Baltimore, CrossFit, music, cocktails, making things myself, romanticizing the South, the Ravens, minor construction projects, and many other things that I’ll probably write about at some point.

  • Instagram: @sheeatsandotherthings

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