Lately – December 2016


Things I’ve been reading:

  • The Sympathizer. I’m definitely enjoying this book, though it’s taking me a long time to get through. I was distracted early on by reading Food Freedom Forever (which I haven’t technically finished all of) and Chris Kresser’s The Paleo Cure. I was hoping to learn a little more about the Vietnam War from the book than I think I am, but it’s good regardless. I mean, would I question a Pulitzer anyway?
  • The December 2016 issue of the Atlantic. Before they knew the result of the election. Sigh.

Things I’ve been eating:

  • Alanna’s Cranberry Pumpkin Nut & Seed Loaf posted on Love & Lemons. I’ve made this four times now, and I’ll probably make it again this weekend. I’ve been eating a piece each day for breakfast. I’ve never followed the recipe exactly (I don’t use dried cranberries, and I mix up the nuts and seeds according to what I have). I’ll post about it soon, hopefully.
  • The Logan salad with grilled chicken at Taylor Gourmet. Love. Fall/winter should never end.

Things I’ve been listening to:

  • The Spotify playlist I made of the The Bitter Southerner’s Best Southern Records of 2016
  • Daphne Moreau of Mode and the City‘s Ultimate Christmas Playlist
  •  Podcasts:
    • Paleomg Uncensored. I don’t know what happened. I used to find Juli Bauer a little annoying. I think that began when I read her About page and it said something about being from Colorado but NOT loving the outdoors. As someone  who really misses living in Colorado BECAUSE of the outdoors, that annoyed me. And she’s loud. But. She’s won me over with her honesty, opinionatedness, and who-gives-a-fuck attitude. (Not that she has any idea who I am or should care how I feel about her.)  Now I follow her on Snapchat and Instagram and listen to her podcast. Her podcast skills are beginner, but she’s going for it.
    • Girls Gone WOD. Ugggghhhh. I actually love this one. They’re smart and funny and relatable. I say ugh because I’m realizing how many things on this page are paleo or CrossFit. I’ve been drinking the paleo kool aid for a while now, but now CrossFit too. Sigh. I especially enjoyed episodes 176, 171, and 168. That last one because Juli Bauer.
    • You Had One Job, a short story read on This American Life. Written by the brother of one of my husband’s colleagues.

Things I’ve been watching:

  • The original Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I do this every. year. No joke. I don’t actually really watch it anymore, it’s just on in the background, usually while I’m cooking. But also sometimes while I’m brushing my teeth, putting away laundry, and other mundane things.
  • Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Of course. So…. okay. Part of me kind of wishes it hadn’t happened, because it actually affects how I’m feeling when I’m rewatching the original. But… mostly it was really great.