February Bon Appetit

There are usually a million recipes I want to make from each issue of Bon Appetit, but this month there are only a few. Which doesn’t mean I didn’t really enjoy reading it. I think it’s partly a function of having limited what I’ll automatically consider eating. But these ones made the cut. Not sure if I’ll ever actually make them, but hopefully someday I will.

  1. Baked Vanilla-Bourbon Applesauce
  2. Winter Squash and Short-Rib Enchiladas
  3. BA’s Best Bread (Yes, bread!).

Bread. Reading this made me miss baking bread. At one point, several years ago, I got into a very regular routine of baking bread once a week. I like baking bread. I never perfected it, which is part of the fun. And I kind of want to start doing it again. I think I resurrected my poor, possibly dead sourdough starter almost a week before we left for vacation. (We’re currently in Utah on what has become an annual ski trip with friends.) It’s in the fridge, hopefully not dying again. I think I’ll keep it going, and I also think I’ll purchase some quality flour from someplace like Anson Mills or Carolina Ground, which I’ve never done. Maybe after trying out a few loaves with lower quality (i.e., less expensive) flour to get the method down again. I’ve primarily followed the method in Chad Robertson’s Tartine Breadalthough once I got a stand mixer, I started using it to combine and knead the dough. Anyway. Mmmmm, homemade bread.