La Cuchara, and Lately

On Easter, good friends came up from DC. We all went for a run together and then went out to a lovely Easter brunch at La Cuchara, a Basque-inspired restaurant in the Woodberry area of Baltimore. None of us had ever been there before. It was a treat.

We didn’t ask anyone to take our picture, so these two handsome devils got to be in two photos.

La Cuchara doesn’t serve brunch every weekend. It was special for Easter. I definitely want to go back for pinxtos and dinner. Dan and I both had the Spanish tortilla with wild mushrooms, one of our companions had the Lamb Shoulder, and the other had a vegan dish of mostly potatoes and sauces ordered off menu. The restaurant assured us beforehand that vegans eat just as well as anyone else. The presentation of the potatoes was nice, but I’m not sure I think it was just as good as my very delicious tortilla. The mushroom flavor was *lipsmack* so good.


They didn’t have any more of the sparkling rose we ordered (half off bottles over $50, special for brunch I think), so they brought us a nicer bottle. It tasted very expensive. Just kidding. It was very good, but I’m not sure I’d be able to pick out the pricier bottle when trying the two side by side. There is something about higher quality sparklings, though… the bubbles are more subtle, right?


My pictures of the decor leaves much to be desired, unfortunately (as do all of my photos). It was mostly subdued but with pops of rich reds and leather. Very inviting and cozy. Plus the wall of spoons! Love it.

Anyway, it was all quite nice. Good food, nice atmosphere, excellent company. Why can’t we just brunch all the time? It’s my favorite.

In other news of what I’ve been up to lately:

Things I’ve been eating (out):

  • Shoyou Sushi (Sushi Bruce!) – Dan and I get takeout from here with some frequency. It’s delicious. We’ve never eaten in the tiny place, but keep saying we will…
  • Heavy Seas Ale House – Dan and I went here with a friend and her dad visiting from out of town. Not where we intended to end up for dinner, but a solid, reliable choice for burgers and beer.
  • Wine Market Bistro – Another friend came up from DC and spent the evening with me in Baltimore, and we went here for a very pleasant dinner. I’d only been there during restaurant week and was glad to go back!

Things I’ve been reading (some food related, most not):

Things I’ve been listening to: