Salmon, Chicken, and… Snowzilla

Okay. I’ve gotten way behind, and I pretty much stopped doing the BA Food Lovers Cleanse recipes. I ended up with a lot of leftovers, then Dan and I went out of town last weekend, and things just sort of fell apart from there. But I’ll share a couple more.

First though – Snowzilla 2016 is upon us. Luckily, we have tons of food. We got a farm box delivery this morning on top of all the vegetables we already had. Tomorrow is going to involve roasting vegetables and soup-making, for sure. I’m defrosting some chicken, some fish, and I’m stocked on nut butters for the duration :-).

So, it feels like weeks ago now, but I made the Salmon with Cucumber Sauce and Carrot Salad with a side of Garlicky Bok Choy on a week night. IMG_8739Wait, it was weeks ago. Anyway, they both seemed like fairly simple recipes, but somehow, the meal ended up not being ready til 8:45 pm, and I am usually heading toward bed by 9. To be fair, I don’t usually get home until 7:30, and then I have to take the dog out, change my clothes, etc… so it probably didn’t take that long to make. I just remember feeling rushed when I finally sat down to eat it. I did get to use my new mandoline for the first time, though, to make that carrot salad. That was fun, and a little terrifying.

Instead of saucing the salmon with cucumber-yogurt sauce, I sauced it with cucumber-no-yogurt sauce (still doing that whole #Whole30 thing…). It was good! I think the carrot salad was the star, though. But everything was tasty.

Next up was the Turkey Breast with Roasted Broccolini… which I made with chicken breast instead. I went to Whole Foods to shop for the next several BA FLC meals and picked up bone in chicken breasts for the Oven-Roasted Chicken with Grapes (which I never made and don’t think I will, because I’m currently defrosting that chicken and intend to use it for soup tomorrow instead, and I ate all the grapes today! Oh, but now we’ve got those 6 shallots… hm). I looked for the requisite turkey breast, but all I could find were breasts that had been brined in a variety of flavors, all of which included sugar! There may have been some that were not brined but that were also not bone-in, but I particularly wanted the bones… so I opted for another pack of that bone-in chicken breast instead. Turned out great! The broccolini was so good. I love roasted vegetables.

Guided by the BA FLC meal guide, I also made a side of Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Garlic and Chili, which is basically my favorite food ever. This has been in the BA Cleanse before. Love. I eat a ton of sweet potato fries anyway, but going that extra step to add garlic and hot sauce (or cayenne pepper, or ancho chile pepper, or whatever pepper) – boom. Amazing.

And finally, I made the Bistro Salad with Roasted Vegetables, which is probably my second favorite food ever. Roasted vegetables and a runny, poached egg? Yes please. For about a week there, I basically made roasted vegetables every day and just added to the container of leftovers in the fridge. I did make some special for this meal though, including the carrots and celery root (couldn’t find parsnips, sadly – I’ve looked twice now in the past few weeks. Is there a parsnip shortage??). This was my first time cooking with celery root! Fascinating. And delicious. Anyway, super easy, yummy recipe. Time-consuming due to the vegetable chopping and roasting, but you can do that while watching Netflix. Worth it.

Oh wait, I did make one more. Sea Scallops and Celery Root Lemon Salad. IMG_8781I got to use my mandoline and cook with celery root again (actually, no cooking involved, the celery root was raw). This one was quick and easy. The celery root salad was really great. I would make that again. I should make that again. Yeah! I’m going to make that again. Soon. After the snow melts.

And, okay guys, I’ve been reading a few tips about food photography. Enough to know that I am doing it all wrong, but not enough to convince me to change my ways quite yet. But wait for it. Maybe it’s coming.

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